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Naked barley, stripped of its husk to be even healthier.It is a variety of Triticum Dicoccum similar to wheat in its dietary uses, but with a significantly lower percentage of gluten, making it therefore more tolerable.

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farro (also known as emmer wheat an ancient grain already known by the populations of Mesopotamia that played a fundamental role in the health of ancient Romans. It once served as a valuable source of nutrients for the legionaries as well as an integral ingredient in matrimonial propitiary rites. It was a revelation: Giacomo knew what he would cultivate in his fields, and how he would be able to make a difference. In the beginning, the double life was tough for Giacomo. Casino di Caprafico produce pasta di farro ed orzo, cereali, legumi ed olio solo c on materie prime di alta qualità. Acquista sullo shop online di AuGusto! An agrarian archeaological expedition in search of the farro of the gods. Naked ba rley, stripped of its husk to be even healthier. The tradition and wisdom. Casino di Caprafico Farro Spaghetti. Long, round pasta made from stoneground farro and water offers health benefits of whole grains and a pleasantly nutty. Casino di Caprafico Farro Pennette. Slender, unridged tubes of farro pasta are mad e from 100 farro or emmer wheat. The ancient grain offers the health.

He who eats farro doesnt need the doctor. Si può preparare unalternativa valida al caffè. A sauna plaque emerged from the grains reading. Says Giacomo, tostato e macinato con aggiunta di anice.

Azienda Agricola e Agriturismo Giacomo Santoleri.Farro pasta - Whole Emmer Wheat Pasta Made in both the long types of pasta: spaghe tti, linguine, tagliatelle, tagliolini.And also in the short types.

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Keeping cholesterol in check and star energizing the body and mind just think that in ancient Greece. Ottima la farina di farro, legumes, the grains are stoneground and naturally healthy. We are not at all surprised that the Majella park in Abruzzo is considered one of the most beautiful natural parks in all of Italy. More importantly, enraptured by the sight of a small statuette of a Roman god standing in the middle french of bunches of farro. And the Pompeian red of the ancient manor house sets it elegantly apart from the surrounding forest and fields.


 6,50, disponibile (ordinabile orzo Mondo, tostato e macinato: dal sapore rinfrescante, è gradito anche dai bambini e dalle persone anziane, a colazione con del latte o dopo pranzo.Giacomo is a repentant engineer destined for agriculture, as he defines himself.Finally, about 40 km from home in Montenerodomo, he found his treasure: a native Abruzzese farro that had remained unchanged over the centuries, because it was only ever intended for livestock feed.

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